Ready To Run Silverstone

Tomorrow I take on one of the flattest races I could ever run, Run Silverstone. If you’re not aware, that’s the UK most popular Formula One track so it’s meant to very flat. Now a month or so ago I was on a cruise around Europe.

I was eating breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and then late snacks. After some pretty hard training I think I’m ready to run. I’m hoping I can run anything under my PB (1 hour, 37 minutes, 54 seconds), breaking an hour and a half would be incredible but I think I need to do a bit more training until that happens. Five or so years ago, I took on this race and finished in 2 hours 10 minutes, so it’s incredible how far I’ve come since then. Just take a look at the images below, that’s when I ran it previously.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying reading my brand new website. Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I’ll be updating you on my progress as I run around Silverstone and of course, showing of my medal and merchandise I receive when I cross the finish line!

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